World Smart City Expo 2019

World Smart City Expo 2019

Seoul, South Korea

Peter was invited as a keynote speaker for the World Smart City Expo at Kintex in South Korea. He presented his insights and later  took part in a panel on the topic of SOC-ICT – Convergence of Social Overhead Capital and High Technologies.

SOC-ICT is been considered a prerequisite for the success of smart cities, but due to many limitations such as a budget, technology, creative and political changes, it is difficult for a government to achieve SOC-ICT on its own. There is a need for a long-term city planning where private companies´ participation is radically increased. The conference, besides other matters, aimed to explore opportunities for SOC_ICT business models for the private companies and provide use cases that would lead to the long-term perspectives on successful smart cities.

Below you can read Peter´s reflections on the conference.


“It was extremely interesting to hear and discuss the different approaches to smart city between the Nordics and Korea – and in particular the process leading up to the implementation. There is no doubt that South Korea is leading the way on the technology front. 5G is already implemented and being used by cities, companies and citizens. The expo showed great technical solutions to relevant challenges. However, the panel discussion I participated in and the other great discussions I had, showed a problem. It is hard for the Korean companies to export their solutions to Europe and the US. This is both due to different cultures, but also the process behind the development of the solutions. Often there has not been a close process with the problem owner, so the solution might fit the need of the single problem, but not into wider city systems. There is a need for co-creation between companies and cities to find this balance. 

In the Nordic, we promote co-creation and there is a lot of dialogue between the cities and companies. This is great, but often there is a lack of readiness to invest in technologies and especially new innovative technologies. 

This is an obvious reason to collaborate between the Nordics and countries like South Korea and Japan. 

We, at Smart City Insights, are ready to facilitate and explain how these two cultures and approaches can be combined for success. Thanks to everyone in Seoul for the great discussions.” 



World Smart City Expo 2019
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Video from the panel debate can be viewed (mostly in Korean) HERE.