Consulting: Smart City in Practice

We help cites, regions and governments working with the smart city concept in practice.

We help public and private sector to build effective systems for data sharing.

Data Broker Service

We help public and private sector to find the needed information or create data monetization strategies.

Knowledge Sharing

We are often hired to speak at international events to share our insights as well as to run smart city and data workshops in cities, governments or private sector.

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Our Knowledge

Becoming a Smart City takes experience. We have it!

Becoming a Smart City takes experience. We have it!

Becoming a Smart City takes experience. We have it!


  • Smart City Insights brings a combination of strategic big picture visioning to set the future state combined with a realistic approach to delivery and execution to enable success. Global experience is leveraged in the development of plans that are tailored to the community to which they are working. Hamilton has benefited significantly from the guidance, support and engagement.
    Andrea McKinney, Chief Digital Officer, City of Hamilton Canada
  • Peter is an expert on smart cities and data exchanges, and in how to make them a reality. He played a central role in helping to create Hitachi's City Data Exchange in Copenhagen, and was an outspoken advocate for developing other data exchanges globally. He worked with a range of cities, businesses, and organizations to help them understand their data strategy and how to monetize it or create value from it. He's an absolute pleasure to work with, very sharp, understands the strategic aspects of projects, as well as the tactical requirements to execute. Peter is a dedicated professional and I highly recommend him without hesitation
    Justin Bean, Director of Smart City Solutions Marketing at Hitachi