Digital Green Transition in Nordic and Baltic Regions

Client: Nordic Council of Ministers

Date:  October 2020 to April 2021

Description: Smart City Insights are working on a new exiting project for The Nordic Council of Ministers and The Nordic Council. The client wants to investigate how the digital green transition in the Nordic-Baltic countries can be accelerated by new policy initiatives. The analysis will map current policy initiatives, identify strengths and barriers and not at least establish and involve a broad expert community across the 11 countries/regions. The project is led by the think-tank MandagMorgen and the other partners are NordicSustainability and LeadSustainability. The project will combine the skills of the consortia, including sustainability, green transition, technological/data innovation and the synergies across these fields. Smart City Insights will together with Lead Sustainability be responsible for an international benchmark/good practice analysis, incl. cases.