Enabling the Digital Green Transition



The Nordic Council of Ministers

Smart City Insights are proud to have been part of the work performed over three consecutive phases from September 2020 to April 2021, comprising the study on “digital green transition in the Nordic-Baltic countries” commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


In the study, you will find three main components.


  • A mapping of the current policy initiatives relating to the digital green transition in the Nordic-Baltic countries.
  • An analysis of positions of strength within the Nordic-Baltic countries as a whole and in relation to the EU and the wider world.
  • A list of recommendations for policy initiatives and increased regional cooperation between the Nordic-Baltic countries.


Smart City Insights played a key role in section 2 of the report, but also contributed to the policy recommendations, especially within smart cities and open data. We would like to thank, Mandag Morgen, who led the study, plus Lead Sustainability and Nordic Sustainability for a great partnership throughout the project.


If you want to know more about the project or the topics, please feel free to contact us.