About Smart City Insights

Smart City Insights is a consultancy that provides advisory services to help cities, regions, government and companies in successful implementation of the smart city concept. We also specialize in data ecosystems, open data and data marketplaces.

When working with smart cities on all levels, we advise on national models for effective smart city implementation, including funding strategies, how to avoid ‘death by pilot’ and effective data ecosystems.

At city and regional level, we work with smart city implementation and organization. We take cities through a process where we show how a horizontal organization and innovative processes and create results across teams and department. Here the focus is on ‘one investment – multiple purposes’

For companies, we help them understand the market demand and support them in creating new innovative solutions and services fitting the needs of the cities.

Smart City Investment

Smart City Investments, one investment, multiple purposes!

Smart City Investments, one investment, multiple purposes!

Smart City Investments, one investment, multiple purposes!


Since the company was established in October 2017, we have carried out smart city and data ecosystem, projects in Canada, Australia, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, France and obviously in Denmark. The clients range from cities, national governments to private sector.

Furthermore, our insights within smart city and data ecosystems has been gathered for more than 10 years, so we always use real cases from around the world to show practical examples.



Peter Bjørn Larsen 

Peter Bjørn Larsen is the CEO and Founder of Smart City Insights and was previously the Director for the City Data Exchange in Copenhagen and part of the leadership group for the global smart city team in Hitachi. In Hitachi he was in dialogue with 1000 persons to get insights into how you are effectively able to exchange data and insights related to all aspects of city development. He also led and participated in workshops with cities globally on smart cites, data ecosystems, and was the representative for Hitachi in the C40 city network.

Peter was also part of the smart city expert group for the Danish Government, until it was closed down recently. Throughout his career he has worked with and conducted workshops on smart cities and data ecosystems for national governments, the EU Commission, OECD and a long range of cities including Berlin, London, Seattle, Helsinki, Zagreb, Beijing, New York, Copenhagen, Riyadh, Hamilton, Melbourne, Sydney and Aberdeen.