Smart City Insights collaborates globally with a network of partners with different skills and expertise along the Smart City value chain. By teaming-up with the partners we can provide our clients with expertise and valuable insights, ready to be applied in practice.

Our partners hold in-depth expertise across a wide range of topics, such as data exchange, cluster development, technical insights, sensor networks, data visualization, co-creation design, anthropology and much more.




An interdisciplinary urban consultancy defined by the focus on democratic design processes. They offer a variety of services from involvement and co-creation processes, strategy and concept development to design of the built environment – always focusing on the end users. They hold extensive experience securing the connection and translation of knowledge from process to the final physical design.

Offices: Denmark

Website: www.arkilab.dk 



Dawex is a leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the largest global data marketplace. With Dawex technology organizations orchestrate data circulation i.e source, monetize and exchange data securely and in full compliance with regulations leveraging the blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of licensing contracts.

Offices: France, United States, Canada

Website: www.dawex.com 



A leading research and technology company with 113 years history that helps its customers to convert the newest knowledge and technology into value. The institute houses expertise in production, materials, life science, business, energy, agro technology, meat research and more.

Offices: Denmark, Sweden, Spain

Website: www.dti.dk




A global professional services company consulting in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, transportation and technology. It is a technology-driven firm which through collaborative approach designs integrated cities of tomorrow. Their belief rests in cities build upon intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure, and the human touch.

Offices: 60 offices across Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia

Website: www.ibigroup.com




A consultancy that specialises in sustainable development and regional economic growth through cross-border collaboration and strategic partnerships.  Firmly stands on the Quadruple Helix approach – engaging decision-makers, businesses, knowledge institutions and people to co-create solutions for shared global challenges and thereby to accelerate sustainable development worldwide.

Offices: Denmark, Kenya, India, Singapore

Website: www.quercus-group.com



The Smart Cities Klub is an informal platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration between city leaders and experts on the road to Smart City in Slovakia. Mission of Smart Cities Klub is to change Slovakian cities not only by using smart technologies, but mostly by improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. Smart Cities Klub is based on a long-standing cooperation among Slovakian cities as well as with its Scandinavian partners.

Offices: Slovakia

Website: http://www.smartcitiesklub.sk 




The Visible City team combines expertise in urban economics, real estate development, data analysis and application development to create custom solutions for clients operating in cities of the world.

Offices: United States

Website: www.visible.city





A consulting firm, operating within the field of design anthropology. Specialises in the combination of deep qualitative research and the ability to turn insights into valuable change through tangible concepts and design principles. They help companies and organisations uncover how people act and react to change, barriers and possibilities – and help them succeed by providing them with real insights, strategic direction and concepts that will fuel valuable change.

Offices: Denmark

Website: www.willandagency.com