Memorandum of Cooperation



Smart City Klub and Smart City Insights have sighned a Memorandum of Cooperation in order to accelerate  a development of Smart City concept in Slovakia.

In Slovakia, there is an increasing focus among the cities as well as the government on Smart City movement, which is not only technologically oriented, but takes also into account sustainable development, ecology and livability for its citizens. Smart Cities Action Plan is being prepared at the Ministry of Economy with the experts from Smart Cities Klub as a part of the team. Main goal is to create market more open for innovations & smart solutions, and to support innovative Slovak companies on foreign markets.

This represents a great opportunity for cooperation and knowledge sharing between Slovakian stakeholders and experts from abroad. There are already many existing examples of Smart City projects around the world, however there are only few insights about how to scale such projects and how to implement them in practice.

This is where Smart City Insights comes in as a valuable partner by holding this exact expertise, gained by many years of working with a broad range of Smart City stakeholders. This knowledge will help to ensure that Slovakia can create innovative solutions to urban, regional, and national challenges and create more liveable and attractive cities, while ensure more effective processes in different city services. This will create savings, which can be re-used for more important projects.


Who is Smart Cities Klub?

The Smart Cities klub is an original informal platform for sharing experience and collaboration between city leaders and experts in preparing strategies and programs on the road to Smart City in Slovakia. Smart Cities klub was inspired by more than 20 years of cooperation with cities in Slovakia and more than 10 years of cooperation with Scandinavian partners. Mission of Smart Cities klub is to change Slovak cities not only by using Smart technologies, but mostly by improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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